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  • Lost your car keys?
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  • Locked your keys in the trunk?
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We can help with broken and lost car keys, faulty locks, lock-outs, transponder key problems, ECU programming and much more. Our services are available to the general public, as well as the motor trade.
Our mobile vehicle locksmiths offer the fastest roadside assistance for lost and broken car keys at the most reasonable rates. We have extensive experience with vehicle entry, cutting new car keys and transponder key programming.

Our full range of services includes:

  • Security Vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles
  • GM VAT Keys
  • Transponder Chip Key
  • Trunks Opening
  • Keys Made for the Ignition
  • Keys Made for Door Locks
  • Ignition Switches Repaired
  • Door Locks Fixed
  • Doors & Ignitions Re-Keyed to Different Keys
  • High-Security Keys Made for Cars
  • Transponder, Laser, and VAT Keys
  • Foreign & Domestic Vehicles
  • Replace lost car keys
  • Car Lockout
  • Broken key extractions
  • Unlock Steering wheel
  • Open Door / Unlock Gas cap
  • Program and duplicate transponder keys
  • Keyless entry remotes and programming
  • Car keys locked in the trunk

Today, automotive security is constantly improving; cars today are much securer than they were even 10 years ago. While on the one hand this is great news for car owners, it can also be a problem for motorists that lose their keys as an example. Having to wait for dealers to replace keys can be time consuming and costly. It is for this reason we have invested heavily in specialist decoding machinery that enables us to cut and program new keys for the majority of cars at the roadside.

We will have your car open in the shortest possible time, with no damage to your vehicle. Services are provided to the Los Angeles County area at a fraction of most main dealer charges. Call LOCKSMITH SOLUTIONS for more details…

See a common list of vehicle types we offer replacement keys for. If your make of vehicle is not listed, we can still help – so please call for more details.


With vehicle crimes so prevalent in our world today, automotive safety becomes a number one concern for everyone…therefore LOCKSMITH SOLUTIONS offers the following TOP TIPS to our valued customers…

  – Remove valuables from the car

Take your satellite-navigation, car stereo and personal belongings out of a car. If you can`t take them with you, hide them in the trunk or under the seats. Wipe sticker marks off the windshield and be wary of fitting GPS navigation brackets to the dashboard – there have been many reported cases of opportunist thieves breaking into vehicles on the off-chance that the GPS handset is hidden inside.

  – Keep doors locked

Lock your doors and close your windows when leaving your vehicle unattended and keep doors locked while driving. This stops thieves from grabbing your personal belongings off your seat while you are waiting at traffic lights or stuck in an auto queue of some kind (like a fast food car line).

  – Never leave documents in a vehicle

Don`t store documents such as your driving license and vehicle registration document in the vehicle.

  – Fit an approved alarm

Cars with security equipment are said to be ten times safer than those without it – so make sure you use the equipment if you have it. If you don`t have it, it`s worth investing in.

  – Fit an immobilizer

Electronic engine immobilizers will make life difficult for thieves as they prevent hot-wiring. They tend to be factory fitted as standard to new cars.

  – Fit a tracker to performance or prestige models

Fitting a GPS vehicle tracker means that your vehicle will be tracked and recovered as soon as it triggers as stolen. It`s a worthwhile investment for performance and prestige models and can earn you a discount off your insurance premiums too.

  – Use additional security devices as deterrents

Steering wheel locks are a good deterrent, as are gear-stick locks. Also use locking wheel nuts to prevent thieves targeting your alloy wheels.

  – Park with security in mind

Use a garage for overnight parking if possible, otherwise park in a well-lit area rather than in the shadows.

  – Registration etching

Have your registration etched into the windows and headlights making it more difficult for the car to be sold with false number plates.

  – Prevent carjacking

When stopped in traffic always leave enough room to maneuver so that you can pull round the car in front if you feel threatened. Wear your seatbelt at all times as carjacking relies on speed and a seatbelt slows down the process of parting you from your car. Never open the door of your car to talk to strangers, or roll down your window the whole way – by rolling down the window slightly you prevent an attacker from reaching in and opening your door, snatching your jewelry or robbing you at knifepoint.

What if your keys are lost or stolen?

Do not leave car keys by the front door of your home or by a window where they are easily reached by thieves. Thieves often use sticks to reach for keys through a letterbox. Store them out of sight and never leave them in the ignition of a car.

If your car keys are lost or stolen, contact an auto locksmith. Lost car keys can be remanufactured and cut to code, but when required locks can be altered to different combinations to ensure the misplaced key cannot be used to start the car. Immobilizers can also be reprogrammed. Some car insurance providers include key recovery services in their policies

If you own a fleet of commercial vehicles it may be wise to invest in a vehicle tracking system

Ensure you have suitable car insurance

You must have third party fire and theft or comprehensive car insurance to protect your vehicle if it is stolen. Comprehensive cover may include key recovery and a courtesy car if your vehicle is stolen. Most insurers will not pay out if your car is stolen due to negligence (such as leaving keys in the ignition) so examine terms and conditions thoroughly. Some car insurance providers will offer discounts if you fit an approved alarm/immobilizer or tracker and park in a garage overnight.

Why not keep a spare car key in the safe hand of the London Motoring Club. They will actually bike your spare key over to you when required.